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Najat Kaanache

Flavor and Formulations Expert, Culinary Educator & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

Najat Kaanache (aka The Pilgrim Chef) is frequently likened to another creative artist, Frida Kahlo, and her culinary expertise is truly magical and unique.  She grew up picking and milling her own olives and wheat in the Atlas Mountains and has gone on to train with many of the world’s greatest chefs.  Kaanache herself is hailed by the likes of Ferran Adria and Bill Yosses as one of the world’s most passionate, innovative and knowledgeable chefs.  She has revolutionary ideas to reach the creative spirit in all people through the magic of cooking.

Since departing Spain after the historic closing of el Bulli on July 30th, 2011 she’s traveled to Limassol, Athens, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Laramie, Chicago, Huron, Detroit, The White House in DC, New York, Beirut, Sydney and Cambridge to learn more about global gastronomic culture while teaching monumental seminars and creating unforgettable state dinners.  Last month she collaborated with White House Chef, Bill Yosses, to create an amazing presentation of molecular gastronomy for the Experimental Cuisine Collective at NYU and just two weeks ago she again partnered with him to teach a master class and present a public lecture on “Science and Cooking” at Harvard University (view video here:

Kaanache is one of few recipients of the auspicious Master of Culinary Science degree created by Ferran Adria in collaboration with University of Barcelona.

Her food art is like beauty, it simply feeds the soul, that’s all.


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